Call for Doctoral Symposium


  • FAS* PhD Symposium Program is online
  • Accepted PhD Symposium papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore as part of the SASO proceedings. Papers will also be available as part of the IEEE Digital Library
  • Abstract and Paper Submission Dates Extended (June 8 and 22, 2015)
  • FoCAS is pleased to sponsor two travel bursaries for the SASO Doctoral Symposium Program held September 2015 in Cambridge, MA. See more here

The aim of FAS* Doctoral Symposium is to provide an international forum for PhD Students working in any of the areas addressed by FAS*. PhD students have the opportunity to discuss their research in an international forum, and with a panel of well-known experts in the field.

PhD students working in any area addressed by the FAS* conferences can submit a paper describing the core problem of their PhD research and its relevance by providing a clear statement of the problem they intend to address, the motivation of the interest and novelty of the underlying research challenges, the explanation of the main ideas by examples, and a description of the proposed research plan and expected results.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Self-* systems theory;
  • Self-* systems engineering;
  • Self-* system properties;
  • Self-* cyber-physical and socio-technical systems;
  • Applications and experiences of self-* systems;
  • Autonomic Cloud Computing;
  • Autonomics for Extreme Scales;
  • Autonomic Computing Foundations and Design Methods;
  • Autonomic Computing Systems, Tools and Applications;
  • P2P techniques and algorithms;
  • Experience with widely-deployed and commercial systems and applications;
  • Measurement and modeling of P2P systems, cloud systems, and large-scale distributed systems;
  • P2P applications and systems running in the Internet, in clouds, and in mobile systems;
  • Semantic overlay networks and semantic query routing;
  • Information retrieval and query support;
  • Security, privacy, anonymity, and anti-censorship;
  • P2P economics, participation incentives, trust, reputation, incentives, fairness, policy enforcement;
  • Overlay architectures and technologies;
  • Performance, availability, robustness, and scalability;
  • New applications of P2P technologies;


All submissions should be 6 pages and formatted according to the IEEE Computer Society Press proceedings style guide and submitted electronically in PDF format. Please register as authors and submit your papers using the FAS* 2015 PhD  Symposium management system, which is located at:

Submissions must be single-author, on the topic of the doctoral work. The name of the supervisor must be clearly marked (« supervised by … ») on the paper, under the author’s name.

Submissions should be written using the following structure:

·      Problem: describe the problem that must be solved by the PhD student and motivate its relevance.

·      Motivating Scenario and Research Challenges: present a simple scenario in a specific application domain to motivate the research and highlight its challenges.

·      State of the art: position the work with respects to relevant related work.

·      Methodology: present the methodology that will be adopted.

·      Current Status: describe the current status of the work and the preliminary results that have been already reached.

·      Research Plan: conclude specifying the plan for the overall PhD.


If selected, authors shall prepare a final, camera ready version of the paper, taking into account all feedback from reviewers, and formatted according to the IEEE Computer Society Press proceedings style guide. PhD Symposium papers will be advertised in the final program, and will be submitted to IEEE Xplore as part of the SASO proceedings. Papers will also be available as part of the IEEE Digital Library.


·      Abstract Submission Deadline: June 1, 2015 June 8, 2015

·      Paper Submission Deadline: June 15, 2015 June 22, 2015

·      Notifications of Acceptance: July 3, 2015, July 17, 2015

·      Camera ready copy due: July 17, 2015, July 24, 2015

·      Conference: September 21-25, 2015



Each submission will be reviewed by at least two experts of the PhD Symposium organization and will be evaluated in terms of their relevance to the FAS* topics, motivation and research challenges, soundness of the methodology proposed and feasibility of the research plan.

Each accepted paper will have two different opportunities to be presented. Besides the full presentation during the PhD Symposium session, during the main conference, a “PhD Elevator Pitch Session” will be organized where each PhD student will showcase his/her research shortly.

The Best Doctoral Symposium paper will be selected and the award will be presented during the main conference.




Dr. Jeremy Pitt (Imperial College London) – Title: “How To Get a PhD in Self-Organizing Systems”.



·      Luciano Baresi, DEIB - Politecnico di Milano – Italy 

·      Geoffrey Fox - Indiana University Bloomington, USA

·      Kurt Geihs – Universitaet Kassel

     Evert Haasdijk, VU University Amsterdam

·      Salim Hariri University of Arizona, USA

·      Pedro Garcia Lopez, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

·      Julie McCann - Imperial College, UK

·      Alberto Montresor, University of Trento – Italy

·      Manish Parashar  - Rutgers University, USA

·      Jeremy Pitt – Imperial College London – UK



Doctoral Symposium Chair:  Antonio Bucchiarone (FBK-DAS, Trento, Italy)

For information, email to